Mar 11, 2012

Let's go to HATOYA!

Masaki Koh joined the overnight trip "DRAG QUEEN Express in HATOYA 2012".

"All Men's Banquet." Let's go to HATOYA♡
                                                                                       - Mar 10, 2012  12:23 -

With Bubreena.

              "All Men's Banquet" held overnight at Hatoya Hotel was perfect 
              with a sense of unity with visitors, Drag Queens and staff. 
              Therefore, I miss them very much now! 
              We goofed around and were half-compelled to show dic* each 
              other at the hot spring. It was very fun. 
              Let's get together next time, everybody! 
                                                                                         - May 11, 2012  20:43 -

Pictures and comments : By Masaki Koh's Twitter 

Click here for a report on the event.

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